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St Louis Car Co. 1947
Germantown Avenue trolleys: 1947 factory photos

Philadelphia Trolley Beginnings
Philadelphia Trolley Beginnings 1858 - 1924

Fairmount Park Trolley
Philadelphia's Fairmount Park Trolley 1896 - 1946
Phila trolley routes
Philadelphia Trolley Routes - 1968 to the present day
Trackless Trolleys
Philadelphia's Trackless Trolleys (Trolleybuses)
1920 PRT Report

1920 Report: 10 years of Stotesbury-Mitten Management

1953 Center City map
PTC Center City Map January 1953
Gtn Ave. 2003
Summer 2003: Route 23 trolley at Wayne Junction
photo by Harry Donahue
A Tour of Route 23 in 1987 photos by Harry Donahue
ex-Kansas City ex-PTC 2289
photo by Harry Donahue
Article: History of the PCC Overhaul Programs by Rev. E. Casey
PCC 2054 in 2002
PCCs stored at Luzerne Depot in 2002
1974 SEPTA brochure

In this 1974 brochure, SEPTA
speaks glowingly of its PCC trolley fleet
and assures us of its bright future.

Mr. Bhattacharyya
March 1973 Employe News Explains the Origins of 1970s "Gulf Oil" Paint
air cars
Philadelphia's PCC Streetcars: Air Cars
Philadelphia's PCC Streetcars: All-Electrics
1990s Welcome Line
Philadelphia's PCC Streetcars: PCC Survivors
good used cars
Philadelphia's PCC Streetcars: Good Used Cars
ex-Toronto PCC
Article: ex-Toronto PCCs in Philadelphia by Rev. E. Casey
PCC trolley roster
Philadelphia PCC Car Roster - 1938 to the present day

Philadelphia's double-deck buses
Philadelphia's double-deck buses

Harry Foesig Collection
The Harry Foesig Collection

Hydro-powered Trolleys
Montgomery County's Hydro-Powered Trolleys

Trolley men at Willow Grove 1913
Trolley men at Willow Grove trolley barn, 1913

A. W. Maginnis collection
PTC trolley photos from the A. W. Maginnis Collection

1952 PTC Plan
1952 PTC 10-Year Plan

Bicentennial Boat Car
Bicentennial Boat Trolley
1926 trolley charter in 1997
1926 Brill Trolley Subway Charter
PCC Old York Road in Logan
PCC trolley on Old York Road in Logan, 1971
Last Days of Route 47
Last days of the Route 47 Trolley
PTC vehicle assignments 1955
PTC vehicle and depot assignments, 1955
New Years Eve Trolley Charters
New Years Eve PCC Charters
1981 Inquirer Article about Phila trolleys
1981 Inquirer report: Aging Trolleys, Weakest Link in a Worn Chain
wrecked PCC 2625
Runaway Trolley
1997 City Council hearing on trolleys
September 1997 City Trolley Hearing
2001 Girard Avenue trolley construction
August 2001 Route 15 trolley tracks construction

Luzerne Depot
Luzerne Depot

Phila Car Barns

On June 8, 2007 the Society for Industrial Archaeology
sponsored a tour of Philadelphia's remaining trolley buildings,
spanning from pre-Civil War on up to the 21st Century.
Philadelphia Car Barns Past and Present
was led by architect historian & author Joel Spivak.
Follow this link for a virtual tour.

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David Wilson photo
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