New Years Eve on a Philadelphia PCC Car

Text and photos By Rev. Edward J. Casey.

December 31, 1996: We had midnight in the spur (in the subway under City Hall) that year, and with 2732 we got to the railroad in darby at 1:50 am and wouldn't you know it, the gates came down with a westbound freight, totally unplanned.
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2732 at the grade crossing in Darby

2732 at Juniper Street station Last year, we did 3 trips through the subway, and we had hoped to get to juniper again from 63 malvern, but were somewhere between 22nd and 15st at full speed when midnight hit. On our 3rd trip through the subway about 130 am we had a great race with an old budd car westbound from 15th to 33rd. luckily we were able to sit west of 15th until we got a westbound el.

2728 in the spur under City Hall

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