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St Louis Car Co. 1947
Delaware Water Gap postcards circa 1920

St Louis Car Co. 1947
1911 brochure of DL&W Railroad's epic Lackawanna Cutoff

PA Dept of Highways 1968
General History of Pennsylvania Roads
Published by PA Dept. of Highways in 1968

PA Dept of Highways map legend
Map Legend
1950 Penna. Dept. of Highways Map : scale 1" = 1 mile

last days of the RDCs

In 1981, SEPTA cancelled all its diesel-hauled train service.
In the last days, rail diesel cars (RDCs) no longer served center city.
Commuters rode electric trains to transfer points such as Norristown and Lansdale.
Last days of RDC service

1877 map of Shannonville (Audubon, PA)

Old articles and maps of Shannonville (later Audubon, PA)


"What-if" : PCC-III car.

Architectural Heritage Tour

Architectural Heritage Tour - from the Frankford EL

New Years Eve PCC Charters

New Years Eve PCC Charters

10th Street wasteland

The Logan Triangle


Timecharter: a "what-if" photomutation

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