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Kawasaki trolleys
The 1980 Kawasaki trolleys
Girard Avenue trolley
Girard Avenue / Route 15 Trolley
Trackless Trolleys
Trackless Trolleys [Electric Trolleybuses]
SEPTA Vandalizes Route 23 Trolley
SEPTA Vandalizes the Route 23 Trolley
A. W. Maginnis collection
1940 PCC 2054 survives in 2014

Erie Avenue Six
Erie Avenue Six

snowbound trolleys
Snowbound Trolleys - January 27, 2011

Northern Liberties Loop
Route 15 in 2012 - Rail Renewal and Northern Liberties Loop
2168 in 2008
PCC 2168 in 1970s "Gulf Oil" paint at Baltimore Streetcar Museum
ex-Kansas City ex-PTC 2289
Elmwood track map

Elmwood Depot Track Map

Woodland track map

Woodland Shop Track Map

Brookville PCC-IIs

Photos of PCC-II cars being assembled at Brookville

SEPTA shredded PCC

SEPTA destroys four PCC cars at Midvale Depot in 2006

Wires down 36th & Lancaster

Wires down at 36th & Lancaster - September 8, 2008


PCC Work Car photos by Bill Monaghan

Phila Car Barns

On June 8, 2007 the Society for Industrial Archaeology
sponsored a tour of Philadelphia's remaining trolley buildings,
spanning from pre-Civil War on up to the 21st Century.
Philadelphia Car Barns Past and Present
was led by architect historian & author Joel Spivak.
Follow this link for a virtual tour.

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