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Good Used Cars

2289 June 8, 2008
All the Ex-Kansas City PCCs were out of service by the mid-1980s. The car shown here, no. 2289, was sold by SEPTA well before that, in the late 1960s. For nearly 30 years 2289 rusted in a field in Geigertown, Pennsylvania, still wearing PTC green.

(Another ex-KC car, 2255, was saved from scrapping by the Buckingham Valley Trolley Association. But, because it was vandalized while in storage, 2255 has been scuttled in a flooded quarry for the amusement of scuba divers.)

For more views of 2289 rusting in peace, follow this link..

June 8, 2008 photo © Mike Szilagyi

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Between 1955 and 1983, used PCC cars from St. Louis, Kansas City, Birmingham and Toronto have seen use in Philadelphia.

photos by Mike Szilagyi

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