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Good Used Cars

2266 June 30, 1979
According to Howard Fritchman, Jr., quoted in Mervin E. Borgnis' An Inside Story of the PRT and PTC, the ex-Kansas City Cars were the fastest PCCs in the city: "...they had a unique 'overdrive' feature...once this (apparently) top speed was reached, an even greater speed could be attained by easing up on the power pedal to an almost off position, at which point the car seemed to attain a second wind...speed of as much as fifteen miles an hour faster could be attained."

PCC 2266 leads a line of cars blocked by fire at 6th and Allegheny on June 30, 1979. photo © Mike Szilagyi

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Between 1955 and 1983, used PCC cars from St. Louis, Kansas City, Birmingham and Toronto have seen use in Philadelphia.

photos by Mike Szilagyi

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