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Montgomery County Trolleys

Book release date: June 4, 2018

The village of Skippack is home to one of the very few remaining Montgomery County trolleys. This car, however, never ran on the line through Skippack. Rather, Reading Transit & Light Birney car 511 operated in Norristown until 1933, and then Reading until 1947. At that time the Noll family purchased it along with two others, and had them moved to their property in Oley Furnace, Berks County to be converted into living quarters. Smaller than the other two, 511 served as a shed for thirty years. Restauranteur Joseph Zameska, Jr. bought 511 for use as a dining car, and on June 26, 1977 had it hauled by truck to the Trolley Stop restaurant. In subsequent years transit historian Joseph H. Frank restored 511ís exterior to its original condition. When the Trolley Stop was torn down and replaced with a new restaurant in 2004, the original trolley was replaced with the carefully crafted replica on display today. In the lower photograph taken in 2013, Andrew W. Maginnis inspects the replica car. (Above photograph by Joseph H. Frank; below photograph by the author.)

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