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Montgomery County Trolleys

Book release date: June 4, 2018

Interactive Google Map

A sampling of the book's 214 photographs, along with shortened captions, have been georeferenced on the Montgomery County Trolleys Google Map.

Click on a marker to view a photo and read a brief caption. Zoom all the way in to reveal markers hidden behind nearby ones, particularly in towns.

Purchase the book, or borrow a copy from a library, to view all the photographs and read the complete captions.
The photographs printed in the book are larger and sharper than the small preview images you'll find on this map.

In addition to information about each photograph, the book introduces a brief history of transportation in Montgomery County, placing the trolley era in its historical context. The timeline of travel may be very generally summed up as:

dirt roads - canals - railroads - trolleys - motor vehicles

Rather than each mode supplanting the previous, there were varying degrees of overlap between them. That said, the use of animals for motive power was there from the beginning, only fading as motor vehicles gained prominence. The bicycle came on the scene in a big way in the 1890s, never really completely disappeared, and is today enjoying widespread resurgence.

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