Philadelphia trolley photos from the Harry Foesig Collection

Brilliner 2021 at Brill plant 1939
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company Brilliner no. 2021 at the Brill plant in Southwest Philadelphia,
September 19, 1939.
Philadelphia's J. G. Brill Company did not build PCC cars, instead developing a streamlined trolley of its own.
Differences from the PCC car included a riveted steel body instead of welded, and a boxy floor plan that tapered only slightly at the ends.
The boxy floor plan meant that the Brilliner could not clear tight spaces when rounding certain corners in the city.
PRT / PTC bought only three Brilliners -- and bought 560 St. Louis Car Co. PCC cars (470 new plus 90 used).
Brilliners 2021 and 2022 were scrapped just twelve years later, in 1951. 2023 lasted until August 1956.
Harry Foesig collection

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