Philadelphia Trolley Tracks

launched in 1996 by Mike Szilagyi, occasionally updated and expanded



Mike with sons Eric and Mark, volunteering for the "Black Friday Trolley"
in Chestnut Hill, November 29, 2002.

photo by Dave Horwitz


It all started simply enough with this snapshot...



About a year later... what's a kid living out in the suburbs to do when the transit system's shut down by a strike?
Well bicycle to the trolleys of course. 25 miles from Audubon, PA to Luzerne Depot in North Philly.
The bike's an electro-forged steel 1974 Schwinn Varsity, replete with 10 speeds, 27" wheels/27" frame.
The film is Kodachrome, but the camera was a 110 "pocket camera" -- not exactly sharp.
But I love these blurry old photos maybe more than the sharp ones my new 35mm camera would take.

Luzerne Depot April 1977
April 1977 photo by Mike Szilagyi

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