Allentown Daily Leader

September 13, 1895
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People Who Drink From the Schuylkill Fear the Drainage of the Copper Mines.

Norristown people are considerably alarmed over the proposed plan to pump the water from the Shannonville copper mines into the Schuylkill River. They claim that the water which has lain in the mines for the last 30 or 40 years is poisonous to the highest degree. As the lessee no doubt intends to pump the poisonous fluid into the nearby Skippack Creek [actually Mine Run], the objectionable matter will flow into the Perkiomen, thence into the river and on to Norristown, where lives may be endangered when the water is used for drinking purposes.

Fishermen claim that the copperas and decayed matter in the water will kill all the fish in the river, as well as in portions of the creeks. A Norristown physician, in taking a survey of the mine, stated that the drainage of this water into the river should not be allowed.

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